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Blayzed 29Jul2010 23:39

Dell Latitude D620 Revision A08
I just bought this damn laptop off my aunt, she said it only needed a new OS on it. Problem is the BIOS is locked, I tried doing the electric wire to short out the BIOS, but did not work. Can someone explain a new way for me to do this? It has no operating system on it, well there was, but its missing the entire system32 folder some how. I cannot boot from CD, Floppy, or anything else to fix it. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dell Latitude D620
BIOS Revision A08

All I know at this time.

Blayzed 31Jul2010 02:32

Re: Dell Latitude D620 Revision A08
k, I tried the f****** shorting the security chip trick, and now my f****** laptop wont come on at all, I plugged it into the outlet, and still nothing at all, can someone tell me what the hell I did wrong, and how the hell do get it back on? I called Dell and they gave me the f****** pass after about a week of calling them.

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