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johnny.dacu 28Jul2010 22:31

php is written in C?
One of my friend told me the complier is writen in C. Is this true? Is more like a shoud know question

leaderaa 28Jul2010 22:42

Re: php is written in C?
Yes most are anyways. Plus compiler is a program which converts High Level language into Low Level laguage (or Machine readable i.e. Assembly or Machice code).

I hope this helps. :)

shabbir 29Jul2010 00:27

Re: php is written in C?
Does it matter?

johnny.dacu 30Jul2010 20:39

Re: php is written in C?
No , it doesn't matter. I'll continue using PHP even if i found that is written in Pascal ... or something. Just need to hear a second opinion, i'm not sure about my friends sources.

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