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johnny.dacu 26Jul2010 20:40

@import is a good practice?
I know that one technique is to include some css files on main one with @import.
Isn't this a bad practice? Because with @import browser still makes the request, and if the main is blank then you could endup with n+1 requests.

shabbir 27Jul2010 08:52

Re: @import is a good practice?
Could not get you. Do you mean other ways of doing apart from import would mean it will not do the request?

johnny.dacu 27Jul2010 20:24

Re: @import is a good practice?
It was a question... I just said (but i'm waiting for someone to tell me is i'm right): when you have three css files and use anoter one to import all of them, this will endup with 4 requests (main plus other three) or is just the main (1 request)

shabbir 28Jul2010 09:01

Re: @import is a good practice?
The total number of requests would be same as number of files.

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