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coderzone 26Jul2010 08:29

What is google.co.in / referral ?
I am not sure why but suddenly for last couple of weeks I see that google.co.in / referral traffic ha suddenly spiked.

Does anybody else also see this and what could be the possible reason.

shabbir 26Jul2010 08:44

Re: What is google.co.in / referral ?
Not all referrals from Google.co.in domains come through organic search or AdWords ad listings but from other Google Products as well including feeds and so those visits are tagged as [referral] instead of [organic] or [CPC].

Check to see if there is some traffic coming from other traffic sources and especially feeds.

infoway USA 26Jul2010 17:00

Re: What is google.co.in / referral ?
google.co.in / referral?

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