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Dimesh 25Jul2010 18:11

Need help from an Experience .!
Al salamo Aleekom

And hi....
Thank you for reading my topic

HOW to call windows as a keyboard or mouse?
i mean i need to do a simple program simulate the option of keyboard's keys
and also mouse's options.....

can i!

shabbir 25Jul2010 19:04

Re: Need help from an Experience .!
Would you mind explaining a bit more. Are you planning to create something like Windows OnScreen Keyboard.

Dimesh 25Jul2010 19:17

Re: Need help from an Experience .!
I do not understand "Windows OnScreen Keyboard".
i want to do a program to do like these option
Alt+f2 , Ctrl+r , Enter , Insert , Num Lock , Esc, Tab, (the start button) etc....
i need to call windows service to do these like what keyboard do with it
and also mouse:
right click, middle, the movement , etc....
if you can put me on the way,
I appreciate that

Ancient Dragon 25Jul2010 19:49

Re: Need help from an Experience .!
Maybe windows hooks is what you want to use

xpi0t0s 26Jul2010 16:11

Re: Need help from an Experience .!
You can send messages to applications with SendMessage, and WM_CHAR for characters and other keystrokes. WM_KEYUP and WM_KEYDOWN might also be useful. You can also send mouse messages; have a look through all the messages that start with WM_ for inspiration.

Don't know why you think you need to send a Start button message though. Sounds like you are up to no good, or have a badly designed application. The start menu is there for the user's benefit, not yours. Besides, how do you know how the user has their start menu configured? If you want the Start menu so you can find Notepad for example, just start notepad.exe via a function in the WinExec family.

shabbir 26Jul2010 16:14

Re: Need help from an Experience .!
Thread closed.

Dimesh 26Jul2010 16:23

Re: Need help from an Experience .!
Thanks for everyone

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