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hardik soni 21Jul2010 18:41

Role of salesmen on his/her job...
Today it is the fastest growing period for every fields. In this growing world if you can provide the best products and services then you can't stay at the highest position in the market of your working fields. To get the highest position as well as to keep it up in market you need to convince people to purchase your products.

That's why you will have to introduce more and more products for people not only that you have to maintain quality, price and all related things for customer satisfaction. So now question is that how people will get information about your products. So for that you will have to do advertisements and have to rent sales persons who can let your products to be introduced in market. It can be the door to door sales, sales by web, sales by telecommunication and so on. Salesmen must have power to convince the people to purchase your services and products. Salesmen works as intermediary between company and buyer. But What should be the goal of salesmen ? More and more sales or customer satisfaction ?


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