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hardik soni 20Jul2010 20:04

Best Web Hosting jobs...
Now-a-days there are so many sites are available that can help you in different ways. Some of them may be for just for Servicing purpose and some are working with business purpose. After creating the site it must be accessible by any person from anywhere, hence you must keep your site on web server so that it can be accessible from anywhere in this world.

A Web Hosting is a services that allows to make your site accessible via the World Wide Web. Web Hosts are the companies that provides space on Web server to put your web sites. Web hosts provides data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers. Some of the web hosts provides 24 hours supports to their clients, They get fees as per their services they provides. Basically these fees depends on the plans of hosting that you choose. There are many types of web hosting available from different web hosts such as Linux hosting, windows hosting , VPS hosting and so on. They also provides to create your Emails, gives domain names services, Database supports etc. Can anybody suggest the best jobs in Web Hosting Company.

shabbir 20Jul2010 20:26

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
I am not sure there can be anything like a web hosting job but it would be more likely a job in web hosting company.

hardik soni 20Jul2010 20:29

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
Yes of course it is obvious jobs in web hosting company...
There may be many post for job seekers...

shabbir 20Jul2010 20:47

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
I don't think so. There are so many webhosting company but actually there is no human behind those webhost many a times.

It is just a reseller script which runs and does all

hardik soni 20Jul2010 21:27

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
oh yes I respect and agreed your post but it is not possible at all.
there are so many companies that provides live support as well as full day 24 hours supports and services are being provided by them, there anybody with relative qualification can get satisfied jobs.


shabbir 21Jul2010 08:45

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
Again that is outsourced to sites like liveperson.

No one from Web hosting works and those are only phone support type of job

hardik soni 21Jul2010 15:45

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
oh of course not I have seen so many companies that is giving live person supports.


shabbir 21Jul2010 15:55

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
And unless you are owner of the company you would not understand if the representative you are talking to is actually sitting on the premises of web hosts or it is just yet another BPO outsourcing.

hardik soni 21Jul2010 16:01

Re: Best Web Hosting jobs...
All right as you say !!!!

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