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ssenthilkumar 20Jul2010 16:43

Help needed in XML::Parser
Hi All,

I am having a xml file like this

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<hobbie>bungy jumping</hobbie>
<hobbie>sky diving</hobbie>

I am using XML::Parser to Parse this xml, so that the output should be in the form of a ' list '.

Is it possible ???. Can any one provide a small piece of code (a pseudocode will be helpful).

Thanks in advance
S. Senthil kumar.

pradeep 8Oct2010 13:47

Re: Help needed in XML::Parser
Try using XML::Simple

ssenthilkumar 8Oct2010 15:49

Re: Help needed in XML::Parser

Originally Posted by pradeep (Post 73527)
Try using XML::Simple

Thanks for ur earliest reply.

I am using XML::Simple


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