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desi123_04 17Jul2010 19:23

plz help me sir
would u tellme how to remove personal information in first page of google search engine plz help me i m in terrouble

shabbir 17Jul2010 19:33

Re: plz help me sir
Just Block the pages you have in Google using robots.txt and it would go away from Google in sometime

desi123_04 18Jul2010 15:30

plz help me sir
sir i have blocked all the pages of my personal information but the problem is that when i put my name in the google search engine all my personal information websites appear and every one can read all my personal data They don't have anything inside but in the title still it shows my info.plz sir help me i m in terrouble i m gonna marry after some months i m affraid that my feoncy could read thiz

shabbir 18Jul2010 16:42

Re: plz help me sir
Are these information on your site or on other sites like facebook / twitter?

desi123_04 18Jul2010 17:04

Re: plz help me sir
sir it's on google search bar...when i write my name on google search bar different links appear concerning my name and HALF OF MY info appears which i dnt want to make show what shoul i do

shabbir 18Jul2010 17:08

Re: plz help me sir
I know that but I am talking abut the links that appear. Is those links from your site or from from your online profiles on facebook and other sites.

desi123_04 18Jul2010 17:31

plz help me sir
sir these are from other sites in which i type my personal data for knowing my future marriage etc., kind of astrology site

shabbir 18Jul2010 18:28

Re: plz help me sir
Then you have to remove the content from those sites and wait for Google to remove it from cache those pages.

You cannot do much apart from removing the data and waiting

desi123_04 18Jul2010 18:41

Re: plz help me sir
sir how i remove the contents i remove all the personal information in those sites but when i put my name in google my name titles and informaton are shown wht should i do how i remove my info in google first page plz help

shabbir 18Jul2010 19:24

Re: plz help me sir
It would be remove when Google again visit those pages to update itself and there is nothing much that you can do.

Still I will suggest you read the following.


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