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kiavash2k 14Jul2010 11:32

The space haste 2 - 3D Racing game - complete sourcecode
Hi, It's my first post here but I have surprise for you ;)

Would you like to have free licence of Space haste 2 sourcecode (Space haste 2 is an hyper-arcade racing game) for MSVC++ 6 or better.

You can download the game demo and checkout screeshots at gamespot.
just search: "space haste 2" in gamespot search box and you get it at the first result ;)

and here you can download the game complete sourcecode.
goto website "devharbor(dot)com" and search space haste 2

or from categories go to: MS Visual Studio > Space Haste 2 - Source Code

for the package password you must extract the password less text file from the sources zip file and then read it, password is included there too.

U can use it under the GPL.

Great sourcecode, I have compile it and its work fantastic ;)

There is some third party tools like DDS thumb viewer, TGA thumb viewer with sourcecode are available too for you if you like to see DDS and TGA in windows explorer thumbnail view.


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