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raknik786 13Jul2010 23:54

please help!!download restriction over LAN
PROBLEM::– I have internet provided by college and it is shared by about 25 other users(small hostel..dorm) now, the problem is they all are always downloading movies etc using Internet Download Manager and due to this a lot of bandwidth is eaten up and i get low downloading speeds..and actually i have to watch videos on lockerz which requires bandwidth…

so i want to do something so that they can,t download movies and all..

solutions i tried::–
1..turned off some pc's using remote shutdown and got thier passwords using ophcrack…..but it didn't helped too much as i was always busy shutting down thier pc's and it created a bit of doubt on me..
2..used ettercap and using DNS spoofing i redirected the websites(movshare and youtube)..succedded for some time….but since these websites got blocked in our college..(due to too much traffic)..my mates started using proxies(Hide My Ip..over IDM) and ettercap was not useful over proxies..

so can someone please suggest me some way so that i can restrict their internet usage(downloading basically) so that i can get better bandwith…

please help any suggetions are most welcome..

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