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Dayanandkesarkar 11Jul2010 10:54

C++ -Reply me quickly
IN following optins which is true statement about prototype declaration in C++?
1. void fun1(int,float);
2. void fun1(int a,float b);
3. void fun1(int a,float b=30.34);
4.void fun1(int a=10,float b);

shabbir 11Jul2010 11:20

Re: C++ -Reply me quickly
There are more than one true answers.

bluecoder 15Jul2010 14:03

Re: C++ -Reply me quickly
All are true .. :)

shabbir 15Jul2010 14:10

Re: C++ -Reply me quickly
Last one cannot be true as default parameters cannot be only on the first param but you have to specify it for all the subsequent params

bluecoder 15Jul2010 17:49

Re: C++ -Reply me quickly
Yes ..u are right ... last one is false .. sorry i did not had proper look .

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