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m93 8Jul2010 03:22

php host
i used freehostking or 110mb for upload fake pages but they arent useful anymore(cause of ads and blocking accounts) i found this host 0009.ws and it supports php and its free,but after logging in fake pages,usernames and passes dont save in log.txt. whats the problem?

shabbir 8Jul2010 07:51

Re: php host
Ask them

m93 8Jul2010 21:30

Re: php host
ask them??!! who you mean!

shabbir 8Jul2010 22:20

Re: php host
Ask your hosts why you are not able to write files but just before than make sure you have permission of 777 as permission to the file you are trying to update.

m93 9Jul2010 17:32

Re: php host
good idea..i can ask them why i cant upload fake pages in your host??!!! llooll:happy: i want hack people user names and passwords but i cant...:D

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