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msi_333 4Jul2010 04:27

Clicksor.com Experience
hello all ,

Any one has experience with clicksor.com .? !

shabbir 4Jul2010 09:32

Re: clicksor.com EXP
Yes. They have more than one issue.

1. They pay very low.
2. CTR is dismal as they offer ads very different from site content.

Apart from that they have issue that you cannot use them side by side of adsense as they are also contextual ads and if you wish to use them make them distinctive colors and fonts.

shabbir 4Jul2010 09:33

Re: Clicksor.com Experience
BTW this should not go under marketing and moved to the right forum

msi_333 4Jul2010 13:34

Re: Clicksor.com Experience
thanks shabbier for sharing your experience.

shabbir 4Jul2010 13:43

Re: Clicksor.com Experience
The pleasure is all mine.

radiofranky 2Jul2011 02:04

Re: Clicksor.com Experience
I used it before and my viewers reported trojan injection

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