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killercode 2Jul2010 00:52

how to create virus
can somebody please send me how to create virus on facebook send it to me

MistGrounder 17Feb2012 03:24

Re: how to create virus
Heh, first time I come to this site and under ethical hacking there is this topic. Actually, if we but aside fact that this topic idea is probably created with unethical intensions, it is still interesting idea: facebook virus

We can understood in many ways:
  1. virus that does it replication through facebook but is contained inside it. Something like sammy virus was.
  2. virust that does it replication using facebook but attack user machines through some way.... this is much more interesting
  3. Virus that spread in other ways but catches facebook login/other information. There are already many of these.
So, althrough this topic is bit strange and was probably created for bad reasons, there is still things to talk about in this area.

Has anyone any experience with old viruses that has some connections with facebook and can write about these? Has here anyone from facebook developement or pentesting team? It is actually quite interesting to hear about different peoples view.

For person who created the topic:
No, nobody will send you any tools or source code for facebook virus. If I understand you correctly then I would reccomend you to learn web programming and web application penetration testing. If your really good in both of them then you can create viruses yourself.

OR you can find really good paying job in infosec area

gr8sight 1Apr2012 21:40

Re: how to create virus
pm me i can help in a very simple script...it will auto reformat the hardisk...all files of the target will gone..

candle_man 20Jun2012 21:15

Re: how to create virus
hi can somebody please help me, this 'loan company' has stolen my money and was wondering if somebody can send their email a virus strong enough to kill off their whole scam operation they got going and save other people from going through what i went though. their email is fastquidscan@hotmail.com

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