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realexpert4u 1Jul2010 14:13

Malicious Traffic Making Server Crash
Hi to all Hard Core Programmers

I am basically a PHP Programmer and Now I need urgent suggestions on what to do about this malicious traffic to my website making the server to crash.

The site which is live from more than an year ago on a server suddenly suspended by the hosting providers.

Taking into mind that the space issue on server when customers visit the site, We have changed the server to godaddy and the time I started uploading my files, got a mail from godaddy saying that malicious traffic is making the resources on the shared server down, so suspending your account.

I am not able to know what exactly the reason for this and this is happening from 4 days which is a huge loss for the company. You all webmasters please give me your valuable suggestions on this. Either because of traffic or either some one has hacked my code and has kept some malicious code into my files..

Note: This is a OsCommerce site which is done using php and the oscommerce online merchant tool. And this site is top ranking in google in the 1st page.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

shabbir 1Jul2010 15:51

Re: Malicious Traffic Making Server Crash
Malicious Traffic would be tough to help and is it some kind of DDoS attack or what?

realexpert4u 1Jul2010 17:20

Re: Malicious Traffic Making Server Crash

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 69809)
Malicious Traffic would be tough to help and is it some kind of DDoS attack or what?

yes.. Malicious traffic happens in DDoS attack

shabbir 1Jul2010 19:57

Re: Malicious Traffic Making Server Crash
We also had the same issue and GoDaddy just did not help. Go4Expert.com was also with Godaddy when such things happened and you can search about GoDaddy and DDoS here to see my views.

Now coming to the problem and more importantly the solution to it is multifold.

1. Software Based. If you are using PHP you can use DDoS shield Tweety
2. Hardware based. If the software things do not work well and you need to move out of GoDaddy I will recommend you theplanet ( where Go4Expert is currently hosted ).

Help from them was good enough to detect things like DDoS and they have hardware firewalls which if you need can be done in minutes.

Remember DDoS can only be stopped and not prevented.

If you want personal help to move things to thePlanet you can contact me and I can get your emails of the sales team to talk to them.

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