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isismedia 16Jun2010 14:19

Optimization for Yahoo
Is optimization of yahoo different from Optimization by google?


shabbir 16Jun2010 20:06

Re: Optimization for Yahoo
I answered your question in your other thread.

secondeye 19Jun2010 09:34

Re: Optimization for Yahoo
Its mostly same accept backlinks. Google Go for Dofollow links and Yahoo go for all typoe of links whether do or no follow

jiten702 30Jun2010 17:01

Re: Optimization for Yahoo
Hi.....optimization is same for all search engines whether you do it for Google, Yahoo or Bing.....ofcourse the search engine ranking factors of all search engines defer as all have their own different ranking algorithms.....optimization remains the same only the ranking factors of search engines defer......

ramashankar 12Jan2011 17:49

Re: Optimization for Yahoo
No, both are same

elum.chaitu 13Jan2011 10:22

Re: Optimization for Yahoo
Their is no much difference, i think. Almost all the basic things are same to follow like URL, Meta Tags, Internal linking.

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