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mcheung63 15Jun2010 09:43

debugger for os dev
debugger for os dev


shabbir 15Jun2010 09:49

Re: debugger for os dev
Was about to leave an infraction but found that it is not spam. Would you mind explaining a bit more here.

mcheung63 15Jun2010 10:02

Re: debugger for os dev
Hi Shabbir
Bochs is first choice emulator of many operating system developer. It provides a command line debug, so that you can view register/memory/cpu structure. But if you are tracing the paging structure, segmentation structure, you need to input many commands to finish one single debug. It is too time consuming, so I created a GUI for it.
from Peter

shabbir 15Jun2010 10:08

Re: debugger for os dev
Yes I already saw it and it really looked cool.

I have made the link clickable as you had no permission to do that.

mcheung63 15Jun2010 10:15

Re: debugger for os dev
thanks :-)

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