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Manojbijnori 14Jun2010 15:45

c project
can any one send me coding of a project in C for library management

shabbir 14Jun2010 16:03

Re: c project
Why would anyone do that? Would you do the same for someone asking it that way?

Manojbijnori 15Jun2010 10:34

Re: c project
dear sir actually I am asking about the hint for project which module I can made for this project for my class project I am not a developer I am not asking this for money purpose. note copmpletely coding

shabbir 15Jun2010 10:41

Re: c project
Nor did I say you are asking for money. I meant that if you ask people for such work I am more than 100% sure no one would do that.

xpi0t0s 15Jun2010 15:20

Re: c project
Nobody will do your homework for you but we can give hints. How far have you got with the project and where are you stuck? Note that you will need to give out a fair bit of information because nobody can work out exactly what your requirements are from just two words "library management" (what kind of library: programming library, book library, record library, other? what management functions do you want: add, remove, lend, overdue fees etc? what code have you written so far and what are you trying to implement, and where are you stuck? what is wrong with the code you have, in detail?)

venu.manne 20Jun2010 14:53

Re: c project
Hi Friends, I am Venkat, Looking for some C,C++ Projects. I would request you people to let me know, If any one has projects. You can contact me on .. venuvenkat.manne@gmail.com

Thanks and Regards,

tra072011 24May2012 14:11

Re: c project

This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.

xpi0t0s 25May2012 18:25

Re: c project

Originally Posted by tra072011 (Post 95158)
This topic help me a lot in developing my project

Really? Which bit did you find of help?

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