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Manojbijnori 9Jun2010 16:39

Animator for blog
Can any one tell me how can I add Headline animator on my blog

review my blog http://manojbijnori12.blogspot.com

Give me suggestion for improve the post or any other imporatnt relted to blog

shabbir 9Jun2010 19:53

Re: Animator for blog
This should no way be in News forum

Mr.President 9Jun2010 20:10

Re: Animator for blog
one of my friend developed a jquery news scroll-er
if u know jquery then u also can develop !

blogger.com is grate cuz we can edit code
try using this script (if u need PM me I think since I am a newbie I can't post links!)

keyboardboy1 5Aug2010 11:40

Re: Animator for blog
Good and beautiful work but not understand this language.

hiyatran 8Sep2010 17:59

Re: Animator for blog
you should host your own site, instead of wordpress.com, blogger.com, etc. cause you have more flexibility. I suggest wordpress.org or joomla, they have free professional templates that you can use. it is very user friendly, all you really need is a hosting site and domain name and you are good to go if you are serious about your site.

but if you just want to do it for fun then blogger.com is OK too.

eagle1984 4Oct2010 16:03

Re: Animator for blog
good blog but not have mch more traffic.. increase your traffic dear.

osiris 1.0 13Oct2010 16:04

Re: Animator for blog
The traffic part is easy. Try www.linkreferral.com
wont be disappointed.

shabbir 13Oct2010 16:20

Re: Animator for blog

Originally Posted by osiris 1.0 (Post 73686)
The traffic part is easy. Try www.linkreferral.com
wont be disappointed.

That looks completely a junk to me. You refer some people to that sites and they return you back. Now I am sure there is no genuine users who uses that and all will be scripted traffic from proxies.

Using such traffic can get you even banned in Adsense

danyald 24Nov2010 14:19

Re: Animator for blog
Humm! manu post are in Hindi. you should post in enhlish so that everyone can read

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