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martinig 14Dec2006 02:25

Standards without control?
A recent poll wanted to know if programming standards are still in use in development organisations... and if they are controlled. The question was: does your organisation implement programming/coding standards?

Yes, but without control.....49%
Yes, with control...............31%

Participants: 369

Source: http://www.methodsandtools.com

A majority of the participating organisations have coding standards... and a majority does not control them ;o) What is the situation at your location? Does this lack of control really hurt?

shabbir 14Dec2006 06:02

Re: Standards without control?
Whats your point??

martinig 14Dec2006 12:39

Re: Standards without control?
As a freelance contract developer, I often switch between companies and projects. I favor programming standards but often found that they are difficult to implement/control. I hope that having a broader knowledge of what is happening in other organizations and what other people think about it will help me to persuade my fellow developers .

shabbir 14Dec2006 14:18

Re: Standards without control?
Ok. :P

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