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Jaya 13Dec2006 23:37

I was a S/W Eng.3 of around 3 yrs of experience but now i have a break of 3 and half yrs now i am trying for jobs most of them say persons having > 2 yrs will not be considered is it so? How shall i start my career...

shabbir 14Dec2006 06:04

Re: Suggesstion
3 yrs break does not mean you have 3 years of experience but you should be having the career with total relevant experience. By relevant I mean the technology the employer is looking for.

Jaya 15Dec2006 04:56

Re: Suggesstion
Thank you shabbir. But when i met consultants they are not considering my CV.. Even i my previous co. where i was working doesn't consider me..

shabbir 15Dec2006 10:43

Re: Suggesstion
Thats natural. You should be fightng it out.

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