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unni krishnan.r 8Jun2010 07:15

Google's new idea
While i was goggling today I found some text under its logo

When i just clicked it a pop up menu poped up
Oh I Just become more happy i clicked one of the picture i looked like

Google has also made many tricks in its home page they had also created a pongman game insted of the colored google
But this is my favorate

shabbir 8Jun2010 11:12

Re: Google's new idea
Copied something from Bing

unni krishnan.r 8Jun2010 11:15

Re: Google's new idea
no admin its from my blog
source: http://blogofunni.blogspot.com/2010/06/googles-new-idea-change-googles.html

shabbir 8Jun2010 12:05

Re: Google's new idea
No I meant to say that Google Copied this functionality from Bing

unni krishnan.r 8Jun2010 12:37

Re: Google's new idea
yeah but not all w can also upload pictures from our computer

MartinJose 30Aug2010 14:03

Re: Google's new idea
A background image mean nothing to me. I prefer better speed of SE. :crazy:

raanrater 31Aug2010 16:51

Re: Google's new idea

With personal mail ID options is getting UN user friendly...!!! meet again.

businessman1927 8Sep2010 12:57

Re: Google's new idea
Yes this is very good idea from google .I like it.

raantint 13Sep2010 12:07

Re: Google's new idea

is there any new idea in cloud computing...with integrations the google...??? meet again.

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