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kfir124 6Jun2010 12:19

SQL injection,weird results
im trying to post but i get too many live links/images
even when i had 0 links and images i'll try to edit in a sec

kfir124 6Jun2010 12:26

Re: SQL injection,weird results
ok guys this is getting weird i cant post my post because too many links/images even when i deleted alllllllllllllllllllllllll of the images and links =/
lets see im trying to put just single image...ok this doesnt work lets try 1 link
ok why cant i post my post? too many links/images when i have just 1 image O.o
(even if i remove all the images its still doesnt work)

shabbir 6Jun2010 13:06

Re: SQL injection,weird results
To keep the spammers out and you will be able to post links and images only when you cross double digit post count.

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