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poticus 6Jun2010 03:31

Hi, I am a single father who has been taken to hell and back by my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Since winning a 8 month court case in Feb which granted me access to regular contact with my daughter , I have had nothing but shit from the pair. This has been ongoing for well over 10 months now. just 5 minutes ago I have recieved a link off my daughters mother which contained a link. This link was dawsonl9915.321webs Im not sure what it is and can only guess that they have tried to send me some sort of virus. im a genuine bloke who only wants to be the best father to his daughter and these two idiots dont like it! I am asking for advise on how to send some thing back to them. if anyone knows how to do this or would enjoy doing it for me then the email adress is : fiella28@yahoo.com

I am near to the end of as much as I can take from them. Any help would be appreciated.


senaratne 22Jun2010 17:25

Re: virus
I would sincerely advice you talk to your family doctor or even a psychiatrist. They help us when we are in mental pain.

musicworld1 28Jun2010 11:02

Re: virus
go to your doctor and check up.

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