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unni krishnan.r 31May2010 14:03

Review my blog
Review my blog
And it runs in blogger platform
And its a blog in MALAYALAM and so you may not understant the contnt

shabbir 31May2010 14:08

Re: Review my blog
Looks nice but the black header is too big and pushes the actual content down.

unni krishnan.r 31May2010 14:13

Re: Review my blog
Yeah i will make that smal

keyboardboy1 28Jul2010 12:15

Re: Review my blog
Header is so good of this blog.

kerry 29Jul2010 20:39

Re: Review my blog
i have read in your last reply that you will make that black header smaller? it's still quite big. I expect to view the title of your first blog upon viewing your site but this black header is a little off.

keyboardboy1 30Jul2010 10:07

Re: Review my blog
My suggestion is change header of the blog.
it make good result for you. i think.

johnny.dacu 4Aug2010 23:43

Re: Review my blog
comments bubble is a little too
small for the content.

Casualty13 20Dec2010 17:48

Re: Review my blog
A lot of useful information.
But may be it's overloaded, because it's loads and scrolling slowly.

sanjananb 16Feb2011 02:10

Re: Review my blog
you must change the header

Ana_Campos 11Mar2011 16:13

Re: Review my blog
A little childish but if that is what you were targeting it is ok

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