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Hacking Expert 13Dec2006 13:27

Hacker and Expert - A Difference.

Hacker and Expert

In one of my articles I explained that, "there is a difference between a hacker (not an expert) and an information security (is expert)". Simply in this section I am trying to explain you the difference between an expert and a hacker in detail. Always remember my phrase that, "an expert can become a hacker, but a hacker cannot become an expert". Now I will tell you how a hacker is not an expert, in depth in this topic and what the difference between a hacker and an expert is. The big false psychology of a large population thinks a hacker as an expert. But, I want to explain that itís false and I want you to change this false knowledge from your mind. I am indirectly trying to change your attitude so that you can understand and accept the right thing. As I mentioned in previous chapter, the children in the age group of 14-16 years are now a days hacking websites and accessing important information from internet. Internet is a big source of information now days. Thus, resulting into an endless quantity of information, that can be retrieved from the internet. Human beingís end will come soon in comparison to availability of information on internet, if we compare human beings continuously surfing for information on internet simultaneously, for whole of their lives.

Now, coming to point many hackers and institutes self claims to be big hackerís and intend to prove themselves as experts of information security field in order to providing seminars, workshops, certifications, courses, etc. just to expand their business rapidly. I have several, more then sufficient evidence against such peoples and institutes which proves that, ďthey might be hacker, but they are not expertsĒ. Actually, these peoples use the internet and find several tools created by some experts. The people who create and make these tools and software available for others to use are known as experts, and not those peoples who uses these tools and software for undertaking hacking related or any other activities just to give false proofs of their expertise and/or talent. So, this kind of above mentioned self claimed hackers are not called experts from any point of view.

Not only this but the self claimed hackers and institutes also surf many educational and universities websites and find important documents, thesis, articles, etc. publicly available for everyone globally. They start the process to copy and paste of all this readily available data, until it gets converted to a book, study material, reference material, etc. So, here also you can see that there is no expert level job or action performed by such self claimed hacker and institutes which try to prove themselves expert. The documents, statements, thesis, contents, articles, etc. which were prepared by someone else are just copied in their books, study materials or reference books. I donít know whether this is expertise according to changing attitude of various peoples or itís a stealing process.

This is not only the final limit of stunts used by self claimed hackers and institutes. Other then this, many of them also creates study materials for their so said security and hacking, courses and certifications; by filling the whole of the study material with topics which do not have even single percent of information related to hacking or information security. I have researched through many of such books, reference materials and also found those places, from where such data was copied in their study material, books, etc. For example there is a networking course called MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). Many self claimed hackers and institutes use the contents of Microsoft published material, books, tools, presentations, programs, etc. for the information security courses, ethical hacking courses, hacking related books, hacking and security related certifications, etc. Now tell me whether what is the expertise level of such courses, certifications, books, study materials, etc? So, I hope this is enough for explaining about the difference between, Ďa hacker and an expertí.

Information Security and Hacking:

In my earlier days when I learned the basic hacking techniques & methods and applied for job in many companies, I got a very disgusting, insulting and negative reply from many of such highly reputed companies. I remember that I used to send my resume to United Kingdom and United States also, and thanks to a person from United Kingdom where I sent my resume who was the first person from whom I got this knowledge and experience. He replied me that, ďdonít use the term hacking in any statements wherein it concerns about your career, business, education, etc. Here in UK, peoples from non-technical, technical and legal fields treat hacking or hacker as a part of crime and instead of giving you a job they may undertake actions against you. I know you might be feeling bad for such an unexpected reply from me, though your intention is to undertake good work and help the information security community. But along with this bitter reply, you will also have to remember that this reply will be a good lesson for your coming daysĒ. Then after, I received many such responses from several peoples who were the highly reputed authorities of multinational and reputed companies.

So, this is the reason I am trying to explain you that please donít go behind terms where hacking is used. With a caring intention I am explaining this, so that you donít taste such a bitter experience, which I have faced several times. In companies within many countries no one will even sit (sit here means keeping any relations or terms) beside you nor is any chance of getting jobs or business from such companies. You may only get career chances and business opportunities when you use the terms mentioned in information security field and which are community approved terms. The very young generation of students think that let's learn hacking and go for various kinds of ethical hacking courses which are not of any use for a brilliant career. Only it's a passion ! the young generation has been misguided by some peoples for their personal benefits. The terms of information security field are legal and technical, which will give you opportunities to make your career, make your status and make your reputation. Most of all, the information security terms will not be disgusting or insulting from any point of view for you as concerns to your career matter. So, you have to choose the option what way you want to live your life. For example, media publishes the names of criminals and also publishes names of reputed peoples. Both kinds of peoples are similarly known between large populations globally due to such publicity. But the difference is that one kind of person is known by his criminal activities publicity and the other kind of person is known by his good activities publicity. So, you have to decide as to in which list you want your name to be in Ė a good one or a bad one.

Now, let me introduce one of such self claimed hackerís example. His name is Ankit Fadia. However, there are several institutes too in my eyes. But they are not yet spreaded across globe. If you search for key word ĎAnkit Fadiaí in google and go through the first thirty search results you may know the reality behind point I am trying to specify in both of my articles. However, for your ease I would like to give some examples of reference sources for evidence, as what I am saying is what is truth and fact behind Ankit Fadia. Please go through these references:

1) http://lists.grok.org.uk/pipermail/f...er/009654.html
2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Ankit_Fadia
3) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/cus...nDate&n=283155

daworm 19Dec2006 16:28

Re: Hacker and Expert - A Difference.
hackers may not be experts but experts must also be hackers

Hacking Expert 19Dec2006 17:58

Re: Hacker and Expert - A Difference.
Why ? Give the reason in detail.

hanleyhansen 27Apr2011 07:10

Re: Hacker and Expert - A Difference.
Great post!

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