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IT Fan 27May2010 12:00

Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
Please if anyone knows any good CMF/CMSs tell me? what makes them good , what are the their addvantages /disadvantages?

shabbir 27May2010 12:30

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
What type of CMS you are looking for?

IT Fan 27May2010 15:29

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
I want a CMS similar to Joomla, please tell me the best one's and also what makes them the best?

shabbir 27May2010 16:11

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
Why Similar to Joomla when you can get Joomla itself

IT Fan 27May2010 17:08

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
I want to know other option to make a final decision.

shabbir 27May2010 18:12

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
Wordpress is one of them

hanleyhansen 28May2010 22:26

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
DotNetNuke is the best CMS out there for the Windows platform. It's an excellent option if you want to run under the Windows infrastructure.

LynxSI 31May2010 23:11

Re: Any good CMF/CMS? ? ?
I second the DotNetNuke! Very good CMS with very modular structure; however, it may be a little overkill for simple 1-4 page sites.

Also if you are looking for a CMS with eCommerce you should check out "ASP dot Net Storefront". I use this package for my own site. It is a combination CMS with full ecommerce shopping capabilities. Very nice!

- Ben

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