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abba_jee 26May2010 15:46

hello everyone... this is my first thread and i would like to introduce myself
My name is Abba Jee and i,m 29 years old man, well i never had a computer degree nor diploma, but anyways I've been used to playing games on computer and watching movies, listening songs, anyway learning is a forever process and i consider myself a learner i always like to learn something new but as i didn't study anything in the school so i really have no basic theory or idea or even i,m clueless about learning process if i want to be a programmer , from where to start ? Well if someone can help me to lead a way from where to start that would be much helpful for me, because I learn randomly which doesn't make sense nor it's a good idea ....I'm interested to learn Delphi :confused:
I guess enough boring introduction no one even interested to read such boring introductions so i better should get lost now :))) but again i want to learn BORLAND DELPHI

shabbir 26May2010 15:56

Re: Introduction
Hi Abba Jee and welcome to the forum and why Delphi? anything specific you want it done.

I will suggest you should not focus on language but platform. Do you want to learn to do things on web or want to be doing on the app and that would be best way to get on the programming languages.

According to me C++ would be better choice and is always but many would argue that for web without C++ is also an easy life.

abba_jee 26May2010 16:12

Re: Introduction
Thanks shabbir for your quick reply, I really appreciate that.. Good question why Delphi, well answer is simple that I'm interested to learn that language and i've been inspired with this language features i found it really fast comparing to any other languages like vb, .net, java but i don't know well about C or C++ yes i've been heared from everywhere though that i should learn C++ but as i said i have no basic knowledge of any other language except Visual Basic, and i can code only in VB but not advance even i've been using VB for more than 5 years but i still think i'm a beginner ...thanks for your advice i'll try to learn C++ once again can you please send me a link from where i should start... ?

shabbir 26May2010 16:50

Re: Introduction
To start on your C++ journey the best place would be a good book in C++ and Check out the first thread here in the C-C++ forum as it has links to almost all good C++ resources.

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