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Haxorz 25May2010 02:51

Hack for laughs
Basically, I want to Hack into a friends computer, open up a word document and type something (while he's using it!), scaring him - nothing illegal. How can I do this? I have his IP address.

Haxorz 25May2010 21:59

Re: Hack for laughs
Is there no way to do this?

Haxorz 28May2010 02:39

Re: Hack for laughs
Why is no-one replying?

shabbir 28May2010 09:53

Re: Hack for laughs
Not sure why but unless you can run some executable on your friends computer it would be tough by knowing only the ip

Haxorz 3Jun2010 21:56

Re: Hack for laughs
How would I run some executable?

Xerei 9Jun2010 00:27

Re: Hack for laughs
try creating a RAT, you may need some knowledge about programming for that, but should do it.

NaveedKumbhar 10Jun2010 11:25

Re: Hack for laughs
guy u must have to send the trojen to ur freinds pc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

lord_phemstar 21Dec2010 20:03

Re: Hack for laughs
well as i would rather suggest, i would say you should send him a trojan file to his IP address, then you can control his system from there and show him something funny....he hehehehehehyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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