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overlordlink 19May2010 19:44

Different kind of OS
Ok I was wondering if it would be possible to make a operating system that would boot up and only run one exe and the exe's that exe points to. I am trying to find this out because i have a older but still fairly decent machine and I want to turn it into a "Arcade System" like run Pacman, Galaga, and older mame games like that as well as Nes, Snes, And maybe even N64 games. thanks ahead of time for all if any info you can provide me :happy:.

overlordlink 19May2010 20:02

Re: Different kind of OS
Well I dont see a way to edit my last post so im just gonna add this on. Maybe i dont even need a full blown os just a simple boot loader that checks for directorys that understands how to use a .exe and does video, sound and stuff like that

shabbir 19May2010 20:07

Re: Different kind of OS
If you can get hold of Dos 3.1 (If I remember it right) that may work and do what you are looking for. It would not be nice to re-invent the wheel.

overlordlink 19May2010 20:14

Re: Different kind of OS
Well I taken a quick trip around the internet and i cant seem to find much of anything about Dos 3.1. I
did found however Dos 3.3 and Windows 3.1 are either of those possibly what you were thinking about?

overlordlink 19May2010 20:31

Re: Different kind of OS
Hmm well still nothing about Dos 3.1. But I did have somewhat of an epiphany about the selecting what I wanted the Dos 3.1. That would be done in autoexec.bat right?

shabbir 19May2010 22:21

Re: Different kind of OS
autoexec.bat and command.com as far as I remember

overlordlink 19May2010 23:09

Re: Different kind of OS
Ok so how would I go about getting my applications onto the Dos computer. Does any version of Dos have support for usb drives or how about a cd-drive like im only 18 and i have used dos before but I barely remeber anything about it.

shabbir 20May2010 09:27

Re: Different kind of OS
Nor do I but I remember DOS had support for floppy drive if you can get one.

hanleyhansen 23May2010 04:43

Re: Different kind of OS
This will definitely be of your interest:


freemegabytes 31May2010 08:37

Re: Different kind of OS
any one of you know Google OS release date

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