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j3sr 12May2010 11:22

C/C++ free compiler software
:worried:Hi..........I would like to have a C/C++ compiler for practice.Please tell me which is better to install.Can anyone provide an .exe file for the same....!

divinequran 12May2010 18:42

Re: C/C++ free compiler software
you can use gcc compiler, if you use linux you can use it. make a google search and find a windows version for executing your c or c++ program

xpi0t0s 13May2010 21:24

Re: C/C++ free compiler software
MinGW is a port of gcc to Windows. Alternatively you can get the Visual Studio compilers and the SDK for free from MSDN; you can't get Visual Studio itself as that's a premium product. Visual Studio Express might be a possibility.

Get something up to date though, don't rely on old outdated crap like TurboC or DevCpp - unless you've got an outdated crap PC that won't run the modern stuff.

shyam_oec 20May2010 14:46

Re: C/C++ free compiler software
Is it possible to create C++ (on MinGW gcc compilers) applications without using any IDE i.e., through notepad? If it is then how to compile and run my cpp file?

xpi0t0s 20May2010 14:58

Re: C/C++ free compiler software

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