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justcontactmenow 10May2010 10:27

Hi guys

Do u know about the site liveperson.com.
Just visit the site and create an account here.
U can see the profile of other experts before creating your own profile
U can earn 50-100$ easily per day as a lot of people come
here for very small projects
Itís a very wonderful site
I have earned 3050$ in one month
Contact me for any queries.


RACNicole 6Jun2010 00:34

Re: Liveperson.com
Hi, this is Nicole from Rent a Coder. Rentacoder provides access to programming, writing, illustration, even data entry jobs.

I'd like to point out a few differences between our service and services like LivePerson since those differences could influence your satisfaction and earnings.

Working with a new buyer :

A new buyer doesn't know yet that you're productive, and that you won't run up a huge bill with fluff hours via pay-for-time projects. To help you establish that trust, Rent A Coder lets you work with them by bidding a fixed price for the final deliverables (called pay-for-deliverables). However, LivePerson doesn't offer a safe (arbitration protected) pay-for-deliverables model.

Working with a buyer you know:

Once a buyer trusts that you won't bill them for unproductive hours, you can bill them by the hour (called pay-for-time). This has many advantages over pay-for-deliverables including cheaper fees, flexibility (you don't have to define all the requirements in advance to start working) and less risk (under-estimates are no longer your responsibility to bear). However there are important differences in how LivePerson and Rent A Coder provide this service.

1) Fees.
Rent a Coder does not have any subscription fees or any other types of hidden fees. Our project fees are as low as 6% and we guarantee all types of unlimited work. LivePerson charges up to 45% in worker fees which is about half of your income.

2) Mental Tasks.
When working for a buyer, you may find yourself doing mental work that should not be interrupted (such as reading, planning or writing at your desk). With pay-for-time type projects, Liveperson requires you to interact with the buyer via a chat session during billed hours. Rent A Coder does not require you to chat while working, and guarantees payment for mental work.

There are other differences as well.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can also call in to talk to a facilitator 7 days a week, or email us.


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