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GOGOS 7May2010 22:27

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Hi...please i have diffuculties
with this problem...if yu have any ideas help me
2-3 tree

Neighbours: Two nodes are neighbors if they share the same father and does not interfere with node
between the pipes. The blue nodes are neighbors but not orange
Scalable: A 2-3 tree is scalable if it contains two neighbors where they have three children each
Extension: If a tree is scalable get two neighboring nodes with three children each and
transformed into three nodes with two children.
Implementation: implement the following operations in a 2-3
 empty (): returns true if and only if empty
 contains (x): returns true if and only if it contains the value of x.
 insert (x): inserts the integer x in the tree
 isExpandable (): returns true if and only if the tree is extensible
 expand (): expand the tree (it is call the method immediately after when isExpandable ()
returns true
 numberOfNodes (): returns the number of nodes
 toIntArray (): returns an array of int containing all the tree values in ascending
 The Last Two methods are implemented by recursive function calls

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