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sonicblue888 7May2010 17:25

Work around restrictions - School laptop
Ok so in theory I've got a school laptop. it blocks everything which is detrimental to my learning. Running windows 7 enterprise.

Running apps - Uses Windows Group Policy to block all unauthorised .exe files.
I'm thinking an exploit through like java or flash may be able to execute them. I found an app called gpdisable.exe by mark russinovich but I can't execute it, but it uses a DLL to inject or something that disables Group policy, would it be possible to implement this without an .exe?

Net access - Uses bluecoat filtering at home, bluecoat turns off at school with external filter
So with this I've got some workarounds for at school and using Opera mini browser at home.

But I'm thinking that since the filter turns off when connected to school internet, maybe if the school network profile is duplicated at home, then the filter will turn off and think its at school?

The school network uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption, and the filter log says "Detected current location as VLAN 100 VLAN 2xx. Acceleration is disabled and web filtering is disabled for this location." "Web filtering disabled due to location change".

I'm not very smart in this area, any ideas or suggestions??


1crazygamegeak 14May2010 11:51

Re: Work around restrictions - School laptop
Well since I am a new member and it wont let me post link. search google on how to boot Linux from aflash drive.
Then search how to create a user account in Linux.

have fun looking at porn =P

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