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pakman 3May2010 14:40

Java homework
I need help with my Java Homework.
here are the directions,

"Write a method called average that accepts two integer parameters and returns their average as a floating point value.
Overload the average method such that if three or four integers are provided as parameters, the method returns the average of all three or four values. "

i have to use this using textpad .
i think i am allowed to use API.

please help me
thank you

HomeWorkJAVA 4May2010 01:17

Re: Java homework
I will gladly do this and return this to you fully functional ASAP for a fee.

PM me

pakman 4May2010 12:21

Re: Java homework
Thank You HomeworkJava but i am not able to pay a fee.. i am actually looking for some help for free.
But thanx anyways!

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