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Poonamol 30Apr2010 11:13

Change the Date format in C

Input date is in mm/dd/yyyy format and I want to write a function to change the date format in yyyy-mm-dd format.

Thanks in advance.

satyedra pal 30Apr2010 12:35

Re: Change the Date format in C

For finding the format of date and time with different form,then we can use the following code:


 void main()
        SYSTEMTIME var_t;
          printf("%d\t:%d\t:%d\t:%d\t:%d\t:% d\t"        ,var_t.wYear,var_t.wMonth,var_t.wDay


xpi0t0s 3May2010 12:04

Re: Change the Date format in C
How far have you got and where are you stuck? This is *really easy* to do. This is not a free homework service; you must show your work and we will help you get unstuck. But I'm surprised you could be stuck with this; it's just a case of rearranging the string, so have you even tried?

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