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Ball 30Apr2010 08:06

Rookie Needs Advice
OK I admit it. I am not computer savvy at all nor do I have the aptitude for it. I am asking advice because I was unfairly banned from a news group my a moderator whose *** I kicked in a debate. I was completely compliant with the rules and I comported myself in a professional and polite manner. Normally I let stuff like this slide but this time I want my pound of flesh.

I would like to hack the password if that moderator and a few of his buddies and give them some headaches. I have no desire to disrupt the news site in any other way. I think a little do it yourself justice is in order and I think a power hungry mod need to learn a message in humility.

I have read that the cain and able software can hack passwords but I don't know if it can get passwords for online forums. Can Cain and Able get passwords from online forums?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ball 30Apr2010 08:13

Re: Rookie Needs Advice
BTW the creep who banned me was a moderator named Jero He is at perspectives dot calm if anyone here wants to screw with him. He deserves it.

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