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spiketkr0 26Apr2010 00:58

confused about gui interfaces
so I have to create a applet with these parameters
Write a Java applet using swing components to calculate and reserve a room at My Favorite Hotel. The applet should contain the following
• Display today’s (not today but the day the Java program is called)
• Day of arrival  textfield (MMDDYYYY) edit for reasonable validity
• Number of nights  textfield edit for validity (should be 1 through 30)
• Drop down box for the number of people (1 through 4)
• Drop box for Regular, Deluxe, or Suite
• Radio button for 1 king size bed or 2 queen size beds
• Radio button for Smoking or Non-Smoking or Any available
• Button to check availability and calculate charge (you don’t have to check availability unless you want to research interfacing to a Access or Excel)
• Button to reserve – Will come back with a confirmation number and confirmation of inputted information (You don’t have to reserve however unless you want to research)
• The charges for the rooms are $110 for regular, $120 for deluxe, and $150 for suite. $15 extra per person will be charged for more then 2 people, and there is a 13.5% tax.
• All editing should respond with the proper error.

and im not good at all with java so can anyone help?

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