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ashit 19Apr2010 20:29

how to connect html file to sql2005 data base,

shabbir 20Apr2010 06:47

Re: how
Not possible. HTML is not a server side language but just for display purpose runs on client machine.

ManzZup 7Aug2010 10:14

Re: how
i think you may need asp host for a sql database (not sure)
but why don't you go open and free :D use mysql instead!

johnny.dacu 9Aug2010 22:25

Re: how
You can't connect to a database throw HTML. Need a server side language. PHP was easy to learn for me. It has some native function for mysql but if you want to use it with sql server then here: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2...hp-driver.aspx is a driver for php. Woks only for windows platforms.

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