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Aigolek 15Apr2010 03:21

Data replication implementation
Hello everyone! hope that here i can find a help, which i really needed.
i am doing a project in data replication in distributed systems, and i am a newbie in this topic.
Actually i know how replication algorithms works theoretically, but i have no idea how to implemet it practically. I searched lots of information, and didn't find definite explanation about implementation.
The thing is that i have Darwin cluster consists of 16 nodes, running uder Unix. Suppose that i want to replicate files in this 3 nodes, so here is the question: what is the system structure should be?
or, for example, i will have the simple banking system program written on C, the data will be stored in the files, so I have to replicate this files on these nodes. Also i will write code for the primary backup replication.
Then what should i have to do? Or how to organise the system? How to run the programms? do i need some framework?
Please help me, maybe my question is too vague, but i've try to reflect the general idea of my problem.
Thanks a lot.

shabbir 15Apr2010 08:02

Re: Data replication implementation
Duplicate of Data replication implementation. Thread closed.

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