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RobertG 14Apr2010 14:37

using com object in vbscript

I have created .dll with vb.net and registered it with regasm and copied it to the GAC with GACUtil. Everything worked fine. If you use gacutil /l the file is there.

Now I want to use the dll in a vbscript. the code I used is

dim testdll

set testdll = createobject("myDLL")

and I am getting the following error

ActiveX component can't create object: 'myDLL'
code 800A01AD

What am I doing wrong



SaswatPadhi 16Apr2010 11:04

Re: using com object in vbscript
Your call to "CreateObject" seems wrong.

Correct syntax :: CreateObject([Namespace].[Classname], RemoteServerName)

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