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ibizara 9Apr2010 18:14

CodeIgniter Framework Based eCommerce
I've decided to allow my code to be downloaded free of charge.

Perfect for freelancers wanting more custom eCommerce packages for their clients.

Based on CodeIgniter v1.7.2
Download - sourceforge.com/projects/totalshopuk/files
Live Demo - totalshopuk.com

Total Shop UK eCommerce was initially developed by myself to use as a template for creating complete custom eCommerce sites for customers. I wanted to develop something that was easy to use and manage by everyone. After working with osCommerce and a few others I found that they were okay but they were not as easy as they could be for shop owners and to customise them took quite some time.

TSUK has been setup with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, using mod_rewite for friendly urls and meta tags created either dynamically or editable using the content managed pages.

Payment system setup was the next step and again I wanted something that could be easily set up and with PayPal that made it all possible. To set up TSUK with PayPal all that needs to be changed is the PayPal email address.. Simple!!


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