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Poonamol 9Apr2010 11:13

fopen with file location

I am creating/opening a file using,

FILE *file = fopen(" C:\\ABC\\Poo.txt","w+");
if(file == NULL)
printf("un sucessful");

I am able to create a file name poo.txt on C:\ABC folder.

Now I used,
#define PATH "C:\\ABC\\"
FILE *file = fopen(" PATH+Poo.txt","w+");
#define PATH "C:\\ABC"
FILE *file = fopen(" PATH\\Poo.txt","w+");
if(file == NULL)

How can I use PATH constant with file name in fopen?

Help me out ASAP.
Thanks in advance.

karthigayan 9Apr2010 15:05

Re: fopen with file location
I tried this in linux machine.We can do this .

You have to mention like the following ,


        FILE *file=fopen(PATH"/file.txt","r+");
Don't place the PATH inside the double quotes , because what ever inside the double quotes will treated as a string.

Poonamol 9Apr2010 15:07

Re: fopen with file location
Thank you so much for the reply.

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