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Poonamol 7Apr2010 14:26

help for Makefile in unix

I had created a makefile for my simple C application.
I am able to create object and library file through makefile sucessfully.
I had written a code snippet for executable file also, but somehow its not working.
Here is the code for executable in makefile:
$(BIN)/EXT: $(OBJ)/EXT.o (respective dependent file paths)
$(CCC) -o $@ $(OBJ)/EXT.o .a (respective dependent file paths) $(CLDFLAGS) $(CLIBPATHS) $(CLIBS)

How to get the executable from makefile?

Help me out please!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance.

Poonamol 8Apr2010 08:50

Re: help for Makefile in unix

Anybody is there to help me out about this issue?

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