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nycbabe 6Apr2010 13:43

Hotmail passwords
Im not a scammer, infact my hotmail has been hacked a lot lately and its annoying. but I want to retrieve my husband's pw to verify my doubt whether he is involved in something major. i had the pw but he just changed it last week..any help on a legit way to do this?

King_Kong_Cock 6Apr2010 14:02

Re: Hotmail passwords
If you dont mind me asking, what is it exactly you suspect his involvement in?


nycbabe 6Apr2010 14:06

Re: Hotmail passwords
cheating ; spreading rumours about me and blaming my family for something not true

King_Kong_Cock 6Apr2010 14:24

Re: Hotmail passwords
Been there, have the T-shirt several times over

Like so many threads before there is no definitive software or program that can hack an email account.

Have you tried to answer his secuirty question to reset the password?

nycbabe 7Apr2010 07:38

Re: Hotmail passwords
yeah tried it.. think I locked him out ;)

hmmmm, i thought it was pretty easy to geet the PW from hotmail but amnot a techie so not sure how to find the loopholes

King_Kong_Cock 7Apr2010 16:30

Re: Hotmail passwords
Sadly there are no loop holes to exploit except the security question...sorry

You would have locked him out for 24hours.

My best suggestion is to log onto his/your computer and click on the save me tick box, this is entailed if you are the sole user of that system, it will save your user name and password, so you can just press the log in box!

Or...Create bogus account ( a problem which i'm having at the moment ) and honey trap him! Pose as some complete stranger, who lives in his area, with a similiar family problem, however dont give all of it away from the start, as this will arouse his suspiscion, play it slow and appear as an attractive woman with a sympethetic ear.

smj01 3Jun2010 18:40

Re: Hotmail passwords
BTDT, nycbabe. Your best bet is a keylogger. Get as much info as possible before confronting. Trust me on this one.

j00na 21Jun2010 22:06

Re: Hotmail passwords
I'd like to have help too, if any1 can..
The situation is this. I live 250 km away from my girlfriend because of my studies, and i know for pretty shore that she is cheatin on me..i know the name and fb accounts etc. about the guy who's maybe f*king her, and now i'd like to get some evidence about things..and maybe pay back a little..to both of them.. but first of all, i would like to get her hotmail account/fb account pws, and after that..dont know.. i havent said anything and i have tried to act like everything would be normally, so she doesnt have even clue that i know about her little romance.. i will kick her out of my life, but having little information and fun wouldnt be so wrong.. so, could any1 guide me how/what to do about email/fb?

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