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CodingApprentice 5Apr2010 21:04

Need Help with osCommerce
Hello, my name is Justin, and I work with EastCoastAirsoft.com. I have a question regarding subcategories. If you check out the site, you'll see there are many main categories, and then subcategories listed beneath them. I would like to know how you can selectively hide subcategories for certain categories. They need to be completely hidden, so that search engines couldn't see them, as this is for SEO purposes. This seems like such a simple issue, but I see no way to deal with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

shabbir 5Apr2010 23:57

Re: Need Help with osCommerce
Just put them under hidden div like <div style="visibility:hidden"> but this is nothing to do with SEO because if you are trying to fool the SE by showing different content to user and bots you are getting into areas where you can have lots of problems

CodingApprentice 6Apr2010 17:28

Re: Need Help with osCommerce
I don't want to fool the search engines, I want to show the same thing to both users and engines, and that is nothing. Will the hidden DIV class hide those links from search engines AND users? I'm mainly concerned about the search engines, if it's hidden from users but not engines, then there's a problem. Thanks for the help, though!

shabbir 6Apr2010 20:21

Re: Need Help with osCommerce
You can do that with the visibility hidden div

CodingApprentice 7Apr2010 07:59

Re: Need Help with osCommerce
I'm afraid the links are not set up in a such a way that you can hardline any code into it like that. If it's there, it is very well hidden. If anybody could tell me where these links are located, that would be great. Or, if you have another solution, that is equally great. Thank you!

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