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bsudhir6 4Apr2010 21:53

Character Stufing
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I wrote a C program implementing charecter stuffing i'm providing a file contains everything i've followed to write the program i need someone solve the errors

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virxen 5Apr2010 02:29

Re: Character Stufing
1) post your code properly and not to a locked pdf document(copy forbidden)
2) int main() never void!!!
3) printf("Enter the input string"); not prinft
4) for (i=4;i<l;){
then you say tmp[i+3]==...
last value of i=l-1 so i+3=l-1+3=l+2
but l=strlen(temp) so last value of temp is temp[l-1]
all this result segmentation fault!
the correct for-->for (i=4;i<l-3;i++){

correct these errors,and post properly the new code for the rest.

bsudhir6 5Apr2010 06:37

Re: Character Stufing
Okay sir

bsudhir6 5Apr2010 06:39

Re: Character Stufing
Sir i want to know when the return types to main functions are must be changed

bsudhir6 5Apr2010 06:44

Re: Character Stufing
But sir I don't need to chang the values of i,l???

bsudhir6 5Apr2010 06:46

Re: Character Stufing
Means i=i+8,l=l+4

xpi0t0s 5Apr2010 14:13

Re: Character Stufing

Originally Posted by bsudhir6 (Post 66692)
Sir i want to know when the return types to main functions are must be changed

Never. main always returns int, and you should return either the constant EXIT_SUCCESS, or the value 0, unless you have a good reason for doing otherwise (for example if you want to return an error code to a calling script).

There are exceptions for some compilers, for example the MikroElektronika compilers typically take void for main, but that's because there's nothing to return to: when main returns, the PIC chip has nothing else to do but halt. Maybe OS writers get to use void main too, for the same reason.

Valid main prototypes unless you have a good *technical* reason to use otherwise, are therefore:

int main()
int main(int argc)
int main(int argc, char **argv)
int main(int argc, char **argv, char **envp)

and you should always use one of these four.

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