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tauit_dnmd 4Apr2010 01:00

Tetris by C
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Hi everybody.I'm a new member in this forum.I'm a student from VietNam.
And this is my game:Tetris
Programming language: C (dont use graphics.h)
-Something about my game:
+You can use mouse to click.
+To configure game seting press [SPACE] and you have 7 option: SAVE,LOAD,CONTROL,HELP,ABOUT,RESUME,EXIT
+Default,to moving you use :UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT.if you want you can change them by click on [CONTROL]
+[SAVE]:to save game into C:\
+[LOAD]: to load game from C:\

shabbir 4Apr2010 10:15

Re: Tetris by C
My other post is also valid here. It is Game Programming forum and not Game forum

geancm 10Nov2011 10:53

Re: Tetris by C
how did u avoid using graphic.h ???

geancm 10Nov2011 10:58

Re: Tetris by C
would it be possible for u to share your sourcecode? if not i'll understand :)

mukeshsoftona 16Nov2011 13:56

Re: Tetris by C
I need it's complete code.

how to code and use of graphics.........

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