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smj01 30Mar2010 20:36

IP addresses and IM's question
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. Not sure where this would fit.

Here's my question. Can someone you're chatting with say MSN, AOL, Gtalk, etc... get your IP address from your chat conversations?


en_7123 1Apr2010 21:08

Re: IP addresses and IM's question
Ok in one word NO.I mean your ISP and the IM server's you are using would be logging your IP but the other person you are chatting with would never know unless.Warning But in cases involving Crime if the other person reports you to law enforcement for any wrong doing than in legal cases they can track you down .Don't worry unless you commit some type of cyber crime they don't bother tracking you down .

So no way the other person knows your IP because he doesn't have a direct connection to you he is connected to you through the IM service servers.

smj01 27Apr2010 00:43

Re: IP addresses and IM's question
Excellent! Thank you. And, nope. No cyber crimes here:)

dasli 12May2010 15:32

Re: IP addresses and IM's question
mmm...interesting, thanks for info

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